13 July 2016

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Computer equipment cleaning.

Well-maintained equipment is now part of the DNA of companies.
It makes sense to keep your office clean and agreeable. Here are five specific reasons to clean your IT equipment:

1. Prevention of breakdowns caused by dirty filters and system overheating.
2. Consistent hygiene given that an impressive number of germs living under keyboard keys are removed and the environment thoroughly cleansed.
3. Improvement in working conditions and the impact of a clean environment on motivation.
4. Enhancement of the overall brand.
5. Energy savings thanks to fan maintenance and longer equipment life.

Why you should have your equipment cleaned by a professional!
Our professional teams use the best-suited tools to remove dust particles that can damage your equipment over the long term and bacteria that can be harmful to your health.

1. Trained, discreet and responsive staff.
2. A computer technician on-site guarantees the work.
3. A single contact for all of your needs.
4. A meticulous approach.
5. No hazardous products: a 100% ecological process based on nanotechnology.
6. The right system, including ESD vacuums, silent compressors and air dryers.
7. Delivery of a detailed inventory.
8. Total respect for the environment: IPC has been awarded the IBGE "eco-dynamic enterprise" label since 2003.