13 July 2016

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Server room maintenance

There are many goods reasons to decontaminate your server room.

Did you know that the flow of your computer operations depends to a large extent on the cleanliness of your server room?
A dirty server room is also a potentially dangerous environment.

Over 60% of computer breakdowns are eliminated with preventive maintenance.
It makes good sense to keep server rooms clean. Here are seven specific reasons to call a professional:

1. Provide a healthy and safe work environment for staff and computer operations in general.
2. Maintain the antistatic properties of the raised floor tiles or of the floor covering in place.
3. Reduce the risk created by harmful particles which, when damp, can create corrosive substances in the server room.
4. Extend the life of your equipment by preventing overheating and clogging by dust or other harmful particles.
5. Significantly reduce the frequency and length of service interruptions.
6. Reduce the need for curative maintenance and the frequency of filter replacement on air conditioning equipment. Considerably reduce the risk of transferring harmful particles to server air intakes.
7. Include an inspection and update server room documentation.

Have your server room decontaminated by an expert!

Our professional teams use high-performance tools to control harmful particles... for both health and technical reasons.
Working with real professionals gives you the assurance that the environmental conditions of your server room meet industry standards and:

1. You can get specific information about how to best maintain your server room.
2. Only the best-suited tools and products are used including vacuums with the right filters, ionising guns, cleaning products compatible with your equipment, etc.
3. The work team knows about the complex realities of server rooms.
4. You can get an accurate measurement of particle levels for a scientific understanding of your server room's air and environmental quality compared to existing standards.
5. You can have the server room inspected to identify potential risks and decide on any additional steps that may be required.
6. You can combine other services (adjust server blanking panels, update the layout plan, etc.) with cleaning and decontamination services to maximise your return.


A study by a server room cleaning and decontamination company demonstrated a 0.28 kWh savings per week per server!