13 July 2016

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Telephone-Smartphone disinfection
According to a study by the University of Manchester, our little telephones contain 500 times more bacteria than a toilet seat.

Why you should regularly clean and disinfect your Smartphone.

Despite our very clean hands, our Smartphones accumulate evermore quantities of bacteria. The heat created by the telephone is a perfect vector for proliferation.

We are the 10-fingered transmitters of these avatars which are very dangerous to our health.
To prevent this threat, it's highly recommended that you clean and disinfect your telephone on a regular basis.

Telephone / IP Phone.

A range of different products and materials including make-up and sweat stick to our telephones...

IPC has perfected cleaning and disinfection with nano-microfibre, with special emphasis on the keys.

IPC thoroughly cleans using nanotechnology microfibres with no toxic or allergenic materials.

A label showing the day on which the telephone was cleaned and disinfected can be placed on the telephone.

Le Smartphone.

Thoroughly cleaned - with a 100% eco-labelled product using a nanotechnology process.

The latest biological weapon: the mobile telephone. (by BFM TV)


Drying and polishing using a fine microfibre cloth with no toxic or allergenic materials.